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There is an old saying shrewd Jewish merchants spread so far been regarded as a model: nike socks on sale the women and children most likely to earn money. That is not a man who would have no opportunity to speak of it, today introduced the company chosen to put the user group locked in men, nike socks for sale the name of the site says it all - men socks.

Sell ​​men's socks? It may sound like that, "the market is too small," Really? In the UK, there is a company called prepaid buy black socks website, according to statistics, has about 40,000 regular users in 74 countries worldwide, only in Europe, nike elite socks for sale they have sent over 10 million pairs black socks.

BlackSocks model is: the first payment will soon receive the first three pairs of socks, four months, and then again receive three pairs of socks, and then again four months will receive three pairs of socks. A year later, BlackSocks would ask you not to continue the order, nike socks sale if even then, next year will continue to do so.

BlackSocks price system: single buy a pair of black socks is essentially a pair of $ 10, if it is "sent every four months, once a triple-double," will have to price $ 89, or $ 9.8 per pair. Xiangui it? BlackSocks says he is at that price anywhere in the world, and free shipping oh pro!

Emerging set of send mode

It was inspired by BlackSocks, the "man socks," the founder Chen horses began his journey as an entrepreneur. He said: "A man's vision is to be a sock socks regularly provide delivery service of new e-commerce website, focus on the business of men's socks market, online nike socks sale pursues a simple philosophy of life that we are committed to customized service, let the men in. life a lot easier. We believe that men should buy socks save time to do more meaningful things. "

Currently e-commerce credit system is still not perfect, the package model is not acceptable for most users say. Chen horses in order to dispel the concerns of users of "men socks" With some very "harsh" terms of service: such unconditional refund (without wearing socks, cheap nike elite socks for sale cleaning case) do not ask the reason, winter thickening does not increase, 366 days return guarantee and so on.