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Heapsylon entrepreneurial team designed a pair of socks --Sensoria Smart Sock, nike elite basketball socks it looks no different from ordinary socks, but it is made of a soft fabric woven from the sensor. That it Nike + Fuelband and Jawbone Up wearable device such as a public What is the difference? How to end the latter again, since only worn on the wrist or waist, monitoring is limited in scope, it is difficult to say precisely. This pair of socks is different, buy nike elite socks china it carries the sensor can real-time tracking of the foot when running active users, and for users to analyze your running technique to provide accurate data. Not only that, buy nike elite socks from china it can be as ordinary as socks thrown into the washing machine directly.

It is a wearable device in the true sense, is the future trend of wearing the device buy nike elite socks online, all the somatosensory track will be passively and does not require you to add a certain part of the body set up cumbersome, awkward external sports equipment, bright LED display and black rubber will disappear, invisible sensors hidden in everyday clothing worn in, unconsciously, without a trace, a record of your daily activities nike basketball elite socks.

However, this product is currently not so magical, nike elite socks basketball it uses Microsoft's Xbox team by two former members of the development of textile technology, needs with a magnetic foot ring with action, foot ring function is to monitor the power supply and the acceleration and other information. Although Heapsylon co-founder Davide Vigano expressed optimism, but in essence, this and other ancillary products Fuelband foot ring and the same, nike elite socks black people will not want to wear them every day. Because of this, a pair of socks is no different from ordinary somatosensory tracking device would look so different nike elites socks. This pair of magical sock has launched on Indiegogo congregation chip, pre-order three pairs for $ 59, a pair of socks plus a pair of leg-price $ 119.