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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Wear Bowling Shoes?

Yes, all patrons who are participating in bowling are required to wear bowling shoes.                 If you've ever wondered why, then continue reading!

Whether rented in-center or owned by the bowler, bowling shoes are meant to be worn specifically when bowling (so not outside or in non-bowling venues). This decreases the likelihood of errant rocks, dirt, and even gum being tracked onto the approaches. We need the approaches to be kept as clean as possible to ensure the safety of our guests (imagine stepping in gum or sliding on a rock as you go to throw the ball down the lane). Bowling shoes also provide a gentle slide that will facilitate you bowling your best game!

No shoes of your own? No problem! You can rent shoes for $4 per person. If you're in on our AYCB or Rockin' Bowl specials, we include use of rental shoes in the bowling price.

Who Can Use Bumpers?

It’s a tough job being a bumper. While bumpers are designed to withstand impact, they do have a threshold for the amount of force and weight they can tolerate before becoming damaged and needing to be repaired.

Damaged lane(s) needing repair are not operating at their full capacity. It is our mission to create a top-notch experience for all guests, and having equipment that operates at its full capacity is essential for optimal enjoyment.

To ensure the integrity of our equipment, we ask for all guests' understanding of our Bumper Basics. Our basics were established with intentional thought based on years of experience.

  • Guest must be 12 years of age or younger.
  • Guest must be 58" in height (4' 10") or shorter.
  • Guest must use a bowling ball that weighs 10 pounds or less.
  • Guest will have a memorably fun time with or without bumpers.


Due to the high demand for our offer, it is not possible to reserve lanes. All Groupon customers are accommodated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Groupons may be used any day of the week; however, there are times that we are unable to accommodate Groupon customers due to event bookings, scheduled league play, and specials.

Groupons may not be used during Rockin' Bowl. All Groupon lanes will be shut off at the start of our Rockin' Bowl session.

  • The latest time we accept Groupons on Friday and Saturday is 7:45 PM.                  Rockin' Bowl starts at 10 PM.
  • The latest time we accept Groupons on Sunday is 6:45 PM.                                      Rockin' Bowl starts at 9 PM.

This means you must be in the building and on your lane by 7:45 PM/6:45 PM, regardless of whether or not there is a waiting list. We recommend that you give us a call 30 minutes before you plan on coming in so that we can give yo a better idea of our lane availability.

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